FBI Advising Victims Not To Pay Ransomware Attackers

September 19, 2016

FBI Advising Victims Not To Pay Ransomware Attackers

By Chris Brunau

The FBI is asking for help in the fight against ransomware. According to a public service announcement, the FBI is asking that ransomware victims report infections to help gain a more comprehensive view of the current ransomware threat and its impact on the United States.

Regardless of how little information you have about the attack, it is still imperative to report as much as possible. Here’s a rundown of what to report to law enforcement:

  • Date of Infection
  • Ransomware Variant (identified on the ransom page or by the encrypted file extension)
  • Victim Company Information (industry type, business size, etc.)
  • How the Infection Occurred (link in e-mail, browsing the Internet, etc.)
  • Requested Ransom Amount
  • Actor’s Bitcoin Wallet Address (may be listed on the ransom page)
  • Ransom Amount Paid (if any)
  • Overall Losses Associated with a Ransomware Infection (including the ransom amount)
  • Victim Impact Statement

To defend against ransomware, the FBI recommends various measures, including regularly backing up data and verifying the integrity and security of these backups. More tips can be found in their PSA.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, there are nearly 2,500 complaints registered in 2015 representing $1.6M+ in damages. But, as we found in our recent ransomware survey (more on that below), the true numbers are far higher, because fewer than 1 in 4 incidents are actually reported. The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center website accepts complaints from both victims and third parties.

To learn more about Datto’s 2016 State of the Channel Ransomware Report or to learn best practices and solutions for ensuring total data protection for your business, read the full press release here.


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