Events Made MSPeasy: Promoting Via Social Media

July 07, 2016

Events Made MSPeasy: Promoting Via Social Media

By Chris Brunau

For managed service providers looking to step up their events game, you have come to the right place. Tradeshows, conferences, lunch and learns and webinars are tried and true methods for building brand awareness, driving new leads, upselling current customers, forming new partnerships and, best of all, driving more profits. But only if you know how to make the most of it!

Promoting via Twitter

Open with a brief statement of how you help solve customer problems and end with the essential event details (name/date/location). Don’t forget to provide a link to event registration page or details. Having a hard time keeping the post within the 140 character limit? Use BITLY to shorten the URL. It’s quick, easy and free! In Twitter, you can tweet 3-5X a day; just make sure to switch up the content to give your tweets variety.

  • Does the event have a hashtag? Use it! It will raise awareness of your presence at the event among other attendees!
  • Attach an image to your tweet (if space allows). Statistics show that tweets with images get more attention (in the form of clicks, likes and retweets). This image could be snagged from the event page (a logo perhaps) or could be a picture of your booth at a previous event.
  • Tweet a shout out to the events social team by using said events Twitter handle (i.e. @event or @companythrowingevent). This will alert them to your tweet, which they will likely retweet, adding to the post exposure. A win, win.
  • Datto partner? Make sure to follow us on Twitter and mention @Datto in the tweet. We’ll make sure and retweet your post to increase its exposure.

Promoting via LinkedIn

Share any future event presence from your company pages on LinkedIn and encourage your employees to like and share the posts from their personal accounts to increase views. Like with Twitter, open the post with a statement of how you help solve customer problems and end with the essential event details (name/date/location/link).

  • LinkedIn is the most professional of the social universe - your posts in this space should be mindful of that.
  • Unlike Twitter, there is no character limit for LinkedIn posts, but keep it short and to the point. Don’t forget to link to the event website if there is one.
  • In LinkedIn, limit yourself to 1 post per day to avoid follower drop off.
  • Attach an relevant image to your post from the event page (a logo perhaps) or from yourself at a previous event.

Remember, no one will know about you and the event unless you tell them. Also important to note, different types of media reach different types of audiences. By leveraging a multi-faceted outreach, incorporating a blend of techniques that are classic (phone calls, postcards, etc.) and modern (email, social media, etc.) in your promotional strategy, you will likely reach a wider variety of potential customers.

The tips don’t end here! To learn even more about how to optimize your events, download our eBook: Events Made MSPeasy. This eBook will teach you about event prepping, following up, best practices for hosting and more!

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