Email Marketing Made MSPeasy: Back To Basics

March 06, 2017

Email Marketing Made MSPeasy: Back To Basics

By Chris Brunau

Email marketing presents a valuable and feasible opportunity for MSPs to build their business and find prospects or upsell to current clients. However, it may be difficult to begin an email campaign from scratch if you don’t have the proper experience

To help you along the way, we interviewed some successful MSPs to learn their tips and tricks for using email marketing as a viable source for growing their businesses.

Before you start to compose an email, ask yourself: what is the purpose of this email? If you can’t answer that question yourself, the recipient won’t be able to either. Pick a clear goal that will be used to define its success, whether it is measured by open rate, click-through rate, or replies.

As any carpenter would tell you, measure twice, cut once. It’s a terrible feeling to send out an email only to realize you have made a mistake. Make sure you read the email to yourself, aloud if it helps, and turn to a second set of eyes to ensure you didn’t forget anything.

These are a few ways you can ensure the first impression is a great one. The first email you send has a 77 percent chance of engagement. After the first email, it drops down to 25 percent. Don’t spoil that first chance!

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