DattoCon18 Product Updates

June 19, 2018

DattoCon18 Product Updates

By Chris Brunau

DattoCon18 kicked off today with a long list of exciting announcements across all of our product lines. “Last year was all about hardening our products. I’m proud to announce that this was highly successful,” said CEO Austin McChord. “This year is all about new features and what’s next.” So, let’s take a look at the new products, features, and functionality:

Datto Continuity

We announced two exciting updates to the Datto Continuity product line. The first, Rapid Rollback is designed for situations when a file restore would be complex and time-consuming, but a full system re-image isn’t necessary—following a ransomware attack, for example. Rapid Rollback runs comparison checks between the existing system files and the backup, so you don’t need to spend time identifying the individual files and folders to restore. The second, Advanced Backup Verification is a series of automated checks designed to verify the integrity of restore points. It includes Screenshot Verification, Local Verification (e.g., file system, volume, ransomware checks), Application and Service Verification, and support for custom verification scripts.

Autotask PSA

Autotask PSA got a number of new updates, as well. First up, the new Task User Interface provides a user experience consistent with the ticket UIX. It allows you to control which task attributes and insights to include, how they’re sorted, and if they’re required. Another new feature, Line of Business allows you to define multiple lines of business for segregated financial reporting and invoicing. And, the new Account Locations feature allows you better manage multiple locations or divisions of an account. Mobile Dashboard gives you visibility into all aspects of your business from your smartphone or tablet. Finally, we announced an update to the Datto Continuity Integration, which allows Autotask users to manage their Datto Continuity fleet directly from PSA.

Datto RMM (formerly Autotask Endpoint Management)

Autotask Endpoint Management got a new name and a number of feature updates. Datto RMM’s new Universal Antivirus Audit detects antivirus products, product versions, running status, and up-to-date status on any endpoint. Additionally, End-user Ticketing offers a seamless way for your clients to create tickets via an online form rather than by phone. This delivers an improved customer experience while streamlining workflows. Finally, Datto RMM got improved reporting tools, which allow you to generate great looking reports that give your customers clear visibility into the status of delivered services.

Datto Networking

All Datto Networking APs, Switches, and Managed Power devices now offer a lifetime warranty, retroactive to when the device was purchased. Additionally, Datto Networking saw a number of updates and new products. The DNA now includes Enhanced Web Content Filtering, available as a firmware upgrade. This ensures that the DNA is better equipped to prevent malware, ransomware, and command and control attacks. We also announced the availability of the Datto MP60, our first Managed Power device, which allows you to remotely or automatically reboot non-responsive electronic devices. The AP62, our latest 802.11ac Wave 2 access point, is now available and offers three discrete internal radios (one 2.4GHz and two 5GHz) for improved performance in high-density environments. The new E24 switch offers two 10Gb SFP Uplink ports and an increased PoE budget of 410W. Finally, we launched the Datto Networking Mobile App, which allows you to monitor customer networks from an Android phone or tablet (available soon on iOS).


We added Policy Driven Alerts to Autotask Endpoint Backup. This new feature allows you to define the desired visibility into the backup status, making it easier to identify and address issues quickly. Autotask Workplace saw two new updates. First, Enhanced Microsoft Office 365 Integration enables Workplace users to securely access and collaborate on Office 365 documents from within Workplace Online. Second, Edit via Public Link enables third parties to utilize MS Office Online to securely collaborate in real time with Workplace users.

Connectwise Integration

Two new plugins allow Connectwise users to manage Datto business continuity and network devices directly from Connectwise Automate. The Datto Networking plugin offers a single pane of glass to view the availability of routers, switches, and access points across customer networks. For Datto Continuity, the integration offers improved storage reporting and device monitoring as well as the ability to view screenshots when available.

Partner Portal

Our Partner Portal was updated with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for customers who manage their own devices.

To close out the keynote, McChord announced a new product in beta—Datto Direct to Cloud.

“What if we could deliver a product that offers the point-in-time restore capabilities of our Continuity products, without the need for an appliance,” he asked the audience. “Well, I’m happy to announce Datto has been able to pull this off with Direct to Cloud.”

Direct to Cloud is aimed at bringing full system restore capabilities of image based backup to endpoint protection. The Direct to Cloud beta is currently available to DattoCon attendees, and will be available as a partner-only beta later this year.

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