Datto SAAS Protection Update Streamlines Microsoft Teams Recovery Process

February 18, 2020

Datto SAAS Protection Update Streamlines Microsoft Teams Recovery Process

By Andrew Burton

We are excited to announce that Datto SaaS Protection now backs up files, conversations, and calendar meetings in Microsoft Teams public channels. Restores are faster and easier, since you can now recover data associated with Teams directly from a Teams backup.

Microsoft Teams presents information created in Office 365 applications in a single interface to ease collaboration. In other words, that information exists in applications outside of Teams (Sharepoint, Exchange, et.al). SaaS Protection could protect this data separately in SharePoint and Exchange backups, but recovery would not be as efficient. With this update, restores use the same navigational experience you are familiar with in Teams—streamlining recovery.

According to Microsoft, 13 million people are using Microsoft Teams daily, along with more than 19 million weekly active users. Given the shared responsibility model for data protection between Microsoft and MSPs, it should be considered essential to protect Teams against hackers, malware, data corruption, and human error. This update makes it easier than ever.

Teams protection setup, backup, and recovery

To enable Teams backup, click on Seat Management and select Teams from the dropdown. Then you can protect all Teams or select individual teams to back up. Alternatively, you can turn on “auto add” so that any new Team discovered in the tenant environment will be automatically protected. Teams backups occur three times a day.

To restore data for a specific Team, navigate to the “Recovery” tab. In that dropdown, you will find an option for “Teams.” From the Teams interface, you can select the specific Team you need to recover data for. You can recover an entire snapshot or granularly recover specific content, conversations, or calendar meetings. Data can be exported, restored to the same Team, or restored to another protected Team. Search capabilities are available at the tenant-level or snapshot-level within the Teams recovery interface.

Public channel protection

As noted above, this update covers MS Teams public channels. The stability of your data protection environment is of primary importance and private channel protection has dependencies on the MS Graph API which is not yet ready for production use. To provide you access to added Teams backup sooner, we are pursuing an iterative roll-out of public channels now.

Learn More

Microsoft Teams protection is being rolled-out to our partner base throughout February and will be included automatically and at no additional charge in your current SaaS Protection for O365 license. For more information, be sure to visit the Datto Knowledge Base.

We also invite you to attend an informative webinar Introducing MS Teams Support for Datto SaaS Protection on February 26, 10 AM. Register to attend the live webinar or to sign-up for on-demand recording following the event

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