Datto SaaS Protection Explained (Video)

July 22, 2020

Datto SaaS Protection Explained (Video)

By Andrew Burton

Given the uncertainty we are still facing due to COVID-19, your clients are either already on cloud applications such as Microsoft 365 and G Suite or will be soon. Our State of the MSP survey results bear this out. Respondents said 62% of their clients are currently using Microsoft 365 cloud services and they expect that 70% will be using them within two years. They also pointed to cloud migrations as one of the top business drivers in 2020—driven by work-from-home needs.

Data created using cloud applications is just as vulnerable to accidental or malicious deletion, ransomware, and corruption as data in on-premises installations. Unfortunately, native SaaS application recovery capabilities fall short when it comes to recovery time and retention.

“There’s a difference between having a backup solution and having a backup solution that works,” said Danny Michael, Global Head of IT at Gett. “Everyone feels safe with G Suite and Office 365. They think Google and Microsoft have their backs. It’s a hard lesson to learn that they don’t.”

Microsoft, for example, actually recommends third-party backup in its Services Agreement. This is often referred to as a “shared responsibility model” for data protection. In this model, the SaaS provider is responsible for availability of hardware, applications and infrastructure, while the user is responsible for protecting the data they create using those applications.

Datto SaaS Protection enables MSPs to protect their clients from unnecessary downtime while meeting their business continuity and compliance requirements. You can learn more about the functionality in the video below.

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