Datto Research Identifies Key Attributes Of High-Growth MSPs

June 17, 2020

Datto Research Identifies Key Attributes Of High-Growth MSPs

By Andrew Burton

We are happy to announce that our fourth-annual Global State of the MSP Report is available to download now. This year’s survey was our largest yet, with over 1,800 respondents including Datto partners as well as other managed service providers (MSPs) worldwide. In our report, you’ll learn more about who MSPs are and what they care about.

For the first time ever, we identified traits that set high-growth MSPs apart from their peers. Backed by more than 800,000 data points, we identified two consistent drivers of MSP growth: generating a higher portion of total revenue from managed services and setting specific revenue and growth goals.

We conducted our initial research before the COVID-19 pandemic began to wreak havoc on individuals, businesses, and entire economies. To better reflect the current mindset of MSPs, we conducted a second, shorter survey to find out if and how MSP priorities had shifted. We found that, while the pandemic presented new challenges for MSPs, it also brought along opportunities—namely an acceleration in cloud migration and security projects among their clients and prospects.

From the research, you’ll learn about the tools MSPs currently rely on, those they find most valuable, and the emerging technologies about which they are the most excited. You’ll also learn about the services they currently offer and how they plan to expand their service offerings within the next year. We also share how co-managed IT is changing the way some MSPs interact with their clients.

MSPs are not just the core of the IT Channel and Datto’s business, but essential service providers for millions of global small and medium businesses. We hope that this report sheds light on how MSPs can overcome today’s challenges, better serve their customers, and continue to grow their businesses.

To learn more, download the full report

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