Datto Partner Takes The Fizz Out Of Ransomware

December 08, 2016

Datto Partner Takes The Fizz Out Of Ransomware

By Chris Brunau

Inca Kola is a wildly popular soda pleasing the taste buds of customers all over the world since 1935. Continental Food and Beverage (CF&B) is the exclusive bottlers for Inca Kola in the United States, bottling the popular soda for over 2,000 points of sale spread across 32 states. Providing delicious soda to consumers across the country is no small task and requires a top-notch managed service provider (MSP) to handle all their IT needs. Instead of relying on a small internal IT team, CF&B enlists the help of SWK Technologies, an MSP and Datto partner located in Livingston, New Jersey.

When Randy Berman, CEO of CF&B first met with Matthew Hahn, VP of Network Services at SWK, he knew his data was in good hands. Over the past few years, Hahn and Berman have built a strong relationship. This relationship was further strengthened when the company fell victim to a potentially crippling ransomware attack.

An employee at CF&B clicked on a malicious phishing email, which allowed the ransomware to gain access and quickly spread to infect and encrypt all of the company’s shared resources. Suddenly, CF&B employees were locked them out of a business-critical back office application that runs their business. Suddenly, the company was at a standstill, unable to access their inventory, accounts payable and receivable.

To learn how SWK and Datto avoided disaster, read the full success story.

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