Hit the Bricks

July 18, 2017

Hit the Bricks

By Andrew Burton

Teknologize Inc., a WA-based Datto partner, recently deployed over 30 Datto AP60 Access Points in a housing facility for government researchers in Richland, WA. The installation posed some challenges, according to Senior Network Engineer, Daniel Morgan. “There were a number of issues we had to work around,” he said. “But mesh networking was well suited to address them. We looked at Ruckus and Xirrus as well, but ultimately chose Datto for the mesh capability.”

The facility, which comprises three buildings and two courtyards, is home to approximately 300 students and researchers. “They’re all on Netflix, Roku, and other streaming services,” Morgan said. “It’s fairly bandwidth intensive.” The facility is an older brick construction, a material notorious for knocking down WiFi signals. On top of that, the customer, Paragon Housing, did not want to run new cabling as a part of the project.

So, Morgan installed Datto AP60s every 20 to 30 feet throughout the hallways of each building using the existing fiber cabling. These access points, which are directly connected to the Internet, act as WiFi gateways. To create the mesh network, he installed additional AP60s acting as repeaters throughout the facility, extending the WiFi signal beyond the coverage of the hardwired access points. “I think that’s one of the strongest selling points for the access points—you don’t need to run cable, cut holes in walls, etc,” Morgan said. “For installations like this, mesh networking is an ideal solution.” He also installed a Datto E24 Switch as part of the deployment.

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