Datto MSP Technology Day: Selling SaaS Protection

September 04, 2020

Datto MSP Technology Day: Selling SaaS Protection

By Andrew Burton

SaaS backup. If you’ve ever had to recover a large number of files and/or accounts for a customer, you understand why it's important. However, many businesses simply don’t get it. The misconception that cloud-based applications don’t need backup still persists. So, how do you sell it? This is a challenge for many MSPs.

We’ll explore that topic in our second MSP Technology Day on 17 September 2020. You’ll learn from Datto’s channel development experts on how to market, bundle, and sell Continuity products, while showing value to your clients and building healthy margins for your business. And, that’s just one session - there’s so much more.

Our exciting agenda includes:

  • A look ahead at the future of MSP-delivered business continuity
  • Technical review of our core business continuity products including Datto Continuity, SaaS Protection, and Cloud Continuity for PCs
  • Tips on selling and marketing Datto Continuity products and services
  • Live product demonstrations
  • MSP panel discussion
  • Expert Q&A
  • Special offers throughout the day

If you aren’t already familiar with Datto’s MSP Technology Day, it is our new virtual event series dedicated to the tools and technologies that make you successful. Whether you are a long-time partner, new to Datto, or evaluating our Continuity solutions, there’s something for everyone.

For a look at the complete agenda and to sign up for the event, visit the MSP Technology Day registration page.

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