Datto Drive Streamlines Collaboration, Boost Productivity For Non-Profit

Nov 23, 2016

Datto Drive Streamlines Collaboration, Boost Productivity For Non-Profit

BY Chris Brunau

Datto Products

Davis Foley is the IT Manager at the Peoples’ Self-Help Housing (PSHH), a non-profit agency that provides affordable housing in California. They build and develop apartments for seniors and low-income families. To ensure their success, PSHH relies on quick and easy collaboration between its 177 employees spread across 50 different locations. For a growing organization dispersed across so many different offices, keeping everyone at PSHH on the same page can be quite the challenge for Foley’s small IT staff.

Originally, the non-profit was leveraging Dropbox for file storage and collaboration company-wide. However, the expensive pricing structure didn’t work for the growing business. Paying per user was not a feasible model. His managed service provider (MSP), who helps ease the burden and outsource some IT responsibilities, suggested he check out Datto Drive, a business-grade file sync and share solution that allows users to collaborate and share files. Datto Drive has a more flexible pricing model that fits the needs of their business.

“Before Datto Drive, our employees often had to log in remotely through a remote desktop. Now they can simply hop on Datto Drive if they need to access any files,” said Foley.

To learn more about how Datto Drive has streamlined collaboration for PSHH, read the full success story.

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