Datto Announces Significant Product Updates During DattoCon EMEA Partner Conference

October 27, 2016

Datto Announces Significant Product Updates During DattoCon EMEA Partner Conference

By Andrew Burton

DattoCon EMEA began today with a raft of new software and hardware announcements to support Datto’s fast growing MSP partner base in the region. Three hundred plus partners attended DattoCon EMEA in London and CEO Austin McChord discussed the latest and greatest from Datto.

Of particular interest to EMEA partners was the announcement of the industry’s first ransomware detection capability. When ransomware is detected, SIRIS 3 automatically notifies admins and allows them to roll back to a state before the ransomware hit, saving business downtime and avoiding ransom. Datto also announced the release of geographical backup replication across its EMEA data centers. With the release, partners can apply geo-redundancy policies to SIRIS backup images from UK and Frankfurt data centers to Iceland.

Also, SIRIS 3 now includes advanced screenshot verification, providing script execution to ensure that backups are viable. Four new device options were also announced, including the all-flash 2 TB S3X2, as well new 80, 100 and 120 TB enterprise devices. Datto Drive local allows users to deploy on premises file sync and share on SIRIS 3.

Datto NAS 3, Datto’s network attached storage solution, now offers Infinite Cloud Retention (ICR). ICR allows customers to save data in the Datto Cloud indefinitely, regardless of capacity used. In addition, Datto NAS 3 was upgraded with all new hardware and block level deduplication for local shares. NAS Guard is another new feature, which allows Datto NAS to back up networked storage devices both locally and in the cloud. Datto NAS 3 also offers Datto Drive local for on-prem file sync and share.

Other announcements included two factor authentication for the Partner Portal and an updated Status 2.0 that makes monitoring and managing Datto Devices simpler with configurable alert thresholds. Datto Drive enhancements were also released, including user activity reporting, daily backups, management utilities, and custom theming.

Backupify updates

Backupify, Datto’s SaaS backup solution, got several updates including a new management panel and seat management capabilities for Microsoft O365. The new management panel simplifies the management, monitoring and troubleshooting of customer accounts via the partner portal. In many cases, it is unnecessary to backup every O365 user within a domain, and that is where seat management comes in. Admins can now manage individual users as part of a domain, and select only those that need backup.

Over the course of 2016, Datto has experienced significant growth in EMEA resulting in unprecedented demand for Datto’s solutions. Datto continues to expand and is currently supporting partners in 18 countries across the region. DattoCon EMEA has become the largest MSP channel event in Europe.

We’ll be looking at some of the updates announced at DattoCon EMEA in more detail over the next few weeks, so check back for updates. 

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