Cure Your IT Ailments With Business Continuity

May 23, 2016

Cure Your IT Ailments With Business Continuity

By Chris Brunau

As a healthcare company, your patients are your priority. Part of your obligation to them is to keep their health-related information as confidential as possible. This information can include their health history, insurance, and financial information. Should any of this information become compromised, it can hinder your ability to deliver healthcare services.

Healthcare regulations are constantly evolving and, in order to meet new industry standards, more and more healthcare businesses are actively converting medical records into electronic versions. As this trend continues, it’s no surprise that the industry has been hit hard recently by cyber attacks. The companies affected are paying huge sums to recover. Entire systems can fall victim to ransomware, locking healthcare providers out of important patient data. As people’s lives can depend on a healthcare provider’s ability to access their health information, there isn’t any time to waste.

So, how bad is it? In a 2014 study, 91 percent of healthcare organizations experience at least one data breach. Of the organizations who were affected, breaches cost roughly $2 million per company.

When it comes to protecting your company, the best solution is an outsourced IT expert, preferably through an MSP offering a full business continuity and disaster recovery solution. For more tips on how to protect data in the healthcare industry, download our new eBook to cure your IT ailments.

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