California DMV Hit With Major Outage

October 26, 2016

California DMV Hit With Major Outage

By Chris Brunau

As if a DMV trip wasn’t painful enough already, it got worse this week in California. Over 100 DMV offices across the state were hit with a major computer outage

According to the DMV, crews worked through the night to rebuild the system and get offices running. The affected DMV locations were unable to process vehicle registration and driver license transactions, however they could still provide driving tests, make return appointments and help with paperwork.

The DMV outage began Monday and continued through Tuesday, but were expected to be back online today. However, as of Wednesday morning, some offices still were reporting their computers were down.

Unfortunately, outages are anything but new. A Delta Airlines outage in August was one of the bigger headlines of the summer, which resulted in 2,100 flight cancellations and a predicted loss of $150 million. Despite spending "hundreds of millions of dollars" to upgrade their systems and add backups, they still fell victim to the outage when their systems did not kick over to the backup power source, according to Delta.

The DMV has said not what caused the outage and is currently investigating the issue.

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