Boost Client Confidence and Reduce Downtime with Disaster Recovery Testing

January 13, 2021

Boost Client Confidence and Reduce Downtime with Disaster Recovery Testing

By David Weiss

What is Disaster Recovery Testing?

IT disaster recovery testing (DR testing) discovers potential flaws in an IT systems recovery process. By testing, these problems can be resolved before impacting the ability to restore IT operations. Optimally, DR testing is performed on a regular basis to ensure quick restoration of operations following an outage.

Be fully prepared with disaster recovery testing

Businesses today are increasingly aware that they must have a DR plan in place in case of a serious disruption to their IT operations. However, having a plan alone does not make it effective.

Disaster recovery testing is an essential extension of disaster recovery preparedness. Managed service providers (MSPs) design and execute disaster recovery tests of their clients’ IT systems. Since software, hardware and personnel are constantly changing, DR testing must be performed regularly to ensure its effectiveness.

By testing, MSPs can identify flaws, fix them, and create detailed instructions to follow in the event of an actual disaster. The resulting plan provides the most efficient path to preventing data loss and resuming critical IT operations.

DR testing with Datto has big benefits & no additional charges

Datto prides itself on being 100% channel-only delivering a true partnership with our MSPs. That’s why all of our technology is backed by Datto’s renowned 24x7x365 direct-to-tech support.

We take that service commitment even further when it comes to DR testing, which can be an especially complex and time consuming operation. That’s why MSPs that use the Datto SIRIS and Datto ALTO BCDR solutions receive a major assist. We offer quarterly DR tests for every device in your fleet at no extra charge.

With each test, we work with you to ensure that cloud virtualisation is functioning as expected. Datto SIRIS and Alto’s server virtualisation capabilities are core to their success as leading BCDR solutions that can rapidly restore clients’ business operations. This feature is known as Instant Virtualisation, enabling Managed Service Providers to quickly boot a recovery virtual machine (VM) from a backup.

The recovery VM is typically used for a short period of time while the primary server is recovered. This ensures that end-user productivity is minimally impacted, optimising recovery time objective (RTO) to minimise downtime and its associated costs.

Datto DR testing takes place in a fully sandboxed environment. This is a multi-step process coordinated between Datto and its partner MSP. This process keeps client data safe and secure before, during, and after the test.

Expand DR testing with Windows Cloud Backups

With the sharp rise in remote workforces, MSPs and their clients are looking for appliance free Windows backup and restore options. Datto Cloud Continuity for PCs is a pure, image based backup solution, with no need to procure or manage additional hardware.

Benefits of disaster recovery testing with Datto

Datto’s customer support commitment is front and centre with our disaster recovery testing.

  • We offer quarterly DR tests for every device in your fleet at no extra charge
  • Cloud virtualisation capabilities of Datto SIRIS and Datto ALTO are thoroughly tested
  • All DR testing takes place in a fully sandboxed environment that keeps client data safe and secure
  • Increase your clients’ confidence and grow your customer base with comprehensive disaster recovery planning through DR testing

How to get started with disaster recovery testing from Datto

DR testing is an essential component of an effective BCDR plan. Datto supports all SIRIS and ALTO customers with quarterly DR tests at no extra charge.

Request a demo of Datto Continuity

Which systems can be protected with Datto’s disaster recovery testing?

Datto SIRIS & ALTO supports desktops & servers running Windows (XP SP3 and all subsequent major Windows versions) and Linux (64-bit) operating systems along with VMware ESXi and Microsoft HyperV.

With Datto Cloud Continuity for PCs, Datto’s Windows backup and restore solutions are able to protect Windows 10 and Windows legacy platforms. Many Datto solutions also protect Linux systems.

With our Datto Windows agents we can back up all major windows operating systems from XP SP3 onwards. For Linux we are limited to 64-bit operating systems only, focusing primarily on CentOS and Ubuntu. To ensure that all backups are working properly we alway suggest that all systems are fully patched.

Disaster Recovery Testing Made MSPeasy

In our latest installment in the MSPeasy Series, we spoke with some Datto partners to get their tips and tricks to help you master DR testing.

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