BCDR Is OneSource Of A Healthy Business

March 16, 2016

BCDR Is OneSource Of A Healthy Business

By Chris Brunau

Imagine your client’s server containing critical-business information crashes. Now imagine the same scenario, but one in which you get them back on their feet, avoiding downtime and disruption to their operations. That’s exactly what Paul Bush, CEO of OneSource Technology did for his client, Primary Care Associates, a physician’s office.

Primary Care Associates deals with critical patient records on a daily basis. So when a server failed, containing digital x-rays vital for treatment, their business was severely impacted. When Primary Care called the company who provided the server, they learned that the warranty had expired and that they’d have to purchase a new server. This process would have meant considerable downtime, preventing them from taking the x-rays used to diagnose and treat patients.

Luckily, OneSource and Datto were there to make the process seamless for Primary Care. Between the initial failure through exporting from the Datto to the new server, it couldn’t have gone better according to Bush. They only dealt with a negligible amount of downtime, which Bush estimates would have taken several days if the company had been relying on a cloud-only solution.

“For a business in the healthcare industry, the fast recovery time makes Datto a no-brainer,” Bush said.

For more on how OneSource and Datto prevented downtime and kept patient information accessible, read our new success story.

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