A Step Forward for Datto Partner Education in 2016

February 02, 2016

A Step Forward for Datto Partner Education in 2016

By Henry Washburn

When conducting training, you never want a student to fail at learning the necessary concepts; it hurts. It hurts because you feel as if you did not effectively get your points across as a trainer. That’s how I felt last year after a Datto Certified Advanced Training (DCAT) when a group of technicians didn’t pass the test. After delving into the reasons for this conundrum, I found there was a commonality in that all the techs that did not pass were from the same company. Initially I found this quite odd. To my recollection, none of these students had raised their hands to ask questions or for clarification on the material. What could be the reason then?

My first instinct was to get the information from the horse’s mouth so I called those students to get their thoughts. After a long conversation we derived that:

  • They were brand new to the Datto offering and hadn’t had any experience using a device.
  • While the DCAT content was good, there was a lot covered in the two day training - maybe more than they could absorb in that one sitting.

Most partners agree that there is a learning curve you need to go through before attending the DCAT Training. Armed with this information, I decided to research how we could help more partners find success through training.

How does one facilitate learning with a group of tech savvy adults? Harkening back to my college days I thought about what made it easier to learn, especially with remote classes. I remember we used to use Blackboard, but I was not really a fan back then. That started me down the road of Googling Learning Management Systems (LMS). Doors opened up to many possibilities for organizing and delivering educational content to partners.

After much deliberation, vetting and testing almost 50 LMS offerings, we selected Docebo. It will now be the new backend to our Datto Academy. Docebo allows us to categorize our learning content, present libraries of content to our employees and partners, deliver e-learnings and schedule instructor led trainings. Moving to a Learning and Management System has really opened up possibilities for Datto Knowledge sharing, like offering track-based learning and creating interactive e-learnings that are interactive instead of simple lecture presentations.

The initial discovery call with the partner led me down a path to improve Datto’s educational offerings. That call led to change, and that is what Datto does. We are constantly trying to make the partner relationship successful with easy-to-use products, minimizing disasters, and in this case, knowledge sharing. Enjoy the new Datto Academy! And if you have any feedback, please let us know.

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