4 Ways Datto Commerce Will Benefit Your MSP Business

November 04, 2020

4 Ways Datto Commerce Will Benefit Your MSP Business

By Kira Pogge

In July of 2020, Datto acquired Datto Commerce (formerly Gluh), a modern and intelligent quoting and procurement platform that simplifies and speeds up the quoting process. More than just a quoting tool, Datto Commerce is also an eCommerce platform enabling all staff and your clients to find and purchase products quickly. With live feeds into your supplier base providing real-time inventory and pricing, Datto Commerce is a differentiated quoting and procurement platform providing several benefits to managed services partners, including:

  • Simplified quoting: Hate managing the time-consuming process of quoting? Datto Commerce's intuitive and easy-to-use UI and real-time pricing reduces quoting time from hours to minutes — including setting up the opportunity in Autotask and ConnectWise PSA. Proposal templates are designed to drive response and are entirely customisable with video content and images. HTML-based device-responsive quotes with digital signature capabilities ensure document security and speed up the approval process.
  • Automated procurement Datto Commeerce improves profitability with an intelligent platform that works out where to procure products based on price, availability, and additional configurable supplier preferences. When a sale goes through, Datto Commerce organises and sends supplier POs automatically. The platform even considers shipping costs and can split an order between suppliers if it increases profit. Automating the procurement process with Datto Commerce improves operational efficiency by increasing transactional reliability—which results in less rework.
  • A more efficient way to sell: Datto Commerce’s web-based platform provides a single view of feeds from your supplier base and quickly finds products for your clients using configurable parameters. The simple UI, advanced search capabilities, and automated pricing enable your staff to identify and sell products, meeting your client’s requirements easily. Also, your clients would prefer to find and purchase technology products from you -- not a retailer. Spend less time selling more by permitting your clients to access the eCommerce platform, so they can quickly and reliably purchase products at their convenience -- without you having to provide a quote.
  • Improved workflows with integrations; Datto Commerce enables you to streamline your business by integrating with your critical MSP-centric systems such as Autotask PSA, ConnectWise PSA, Xero, and Quickbooks Online. Datto Commerce has also partnered with leading hardware, software, and electronics suppliers such as Dicker Data and Ingram Micro to enable seamless, no-touch procurement.

Mike Reid, General Manager at Calvert Technologies, explained the benefits of utilizing Datto Commerce when he said, “At Calvert Technologies, we’ve been able to improve the efficiency of the quoting process with Datto Commerce significantly.” Reid continued, “What took hours in the past can now be done in minutes, or even seconds thanks to the simplicity and intuitive experience of the tool, which enables us to be more responsive to our clients. Our profitability has drastically improved by capturing product revenue that we otherwise would have missed out on with another solution.”

Datto Commerce provides a single view across multiple suppliers, so you can quickly identify solutions that meet client needs. It simplifies the laborious and time-consuming quoting process from hours down to minutes and automates procurement by streamlining workflows and maximising profit. Simply put, Datto Commerce is the simplest and easiest way for MSPs to quote, sell, and procure.

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