2018.2 is Continuing to Build on Ticket Configurability in Autotask PSA

September 20, 2018

2018.2 is Continuing to Build on Ticket Configurability in Autotask PSA

By Grace Fitzgerald

Our overall strategy for Autotask PSA is focused on the user experience of the high-traffic areas of the product. In 2013, we started with a complete overhaul of the product navigation by introducing configurable dashboards and widgets that graphically render information about your business and your role in real time. This completely changed the way our users navigate through the product and allowed for increase productivity. Gone are the days of having to sift through a grid of information. Now you log in to Autotask and get an instant understanding of what needs to be done.

Datto is continuing to invest in our dashboards and other high-traffic areas of the product such as the entities (ticketing, projects, and CRM). Last year, we released the new ticket UI with the intention of having the same level of experience as the dashboards. Tickets are now organized into ticket categories that can be configured at the administrative level of Autotask. Ticket categories allow for complete configurability depending on the action required for your ticket type. Before ticket categories, if you wanted to add any custom fields it would start to make the ticket template too complicated when displaying every field (and not every field added would be relevant to the task at hand).

Because of the way we built the ticket categories, we have opened up opportunities to make the ticket configurable from different ways such as the custom fields that you can create and make visible including note templates, time entry templates, Checklists, and change order.

In the September 2018.2 release, we are continuing to build on the configurability of tickets by adding the option for configurable time entries. There are 10 additional fields that can be added to time entries. This is a big efficiency improvement for users who add time and then need to forward or modify tickets. It also makes it much easier to collaborate on tickets with other techs or departments.

You can also go directly to time entry from a list of tickets in Autotask, and you can view the new customized fields that are related to the time entry instead of having to bounce back and forth into the ticket to get the information you need. Time entry configurability is also addressing 15 different feature requests in our feature request system.

Want to learn more about our configurable User Experience in Autotask PSA? Check out this new Talk Nerdy To Me video with the Director or Product Management for Autotask PSA, Joe Rourke.

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