Chris Mangano

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Outgoing and charismatic, Chris Mangano thrives in addressing an audience. With over 30 years of experience in the IT realm, Chris brings his industry to life. “Striving for progress, not perfection” is Chris’s motto and how he educates his clients and peers. He enjoys taking a non-traditional approach with both his clients and prospective clients by holding Private Lunch Workshops (PLW). As Vice President of Mercadien Technologies, Chris develops and hosts these PLWs to educate companies on the services he and his team provide. Each workshop has a hand-picked audience for the given topic and is intimate, interactive, and relaxed. It’s reassuring to know that the person educating you has been in your shoes. As a former business principal, Chris understands the uncertainty his clients face. He managed sales, marketing and operations for an IT company he co-founded and ran for ten years. Later, he became an advisor to help others grow their organizations and determine risks. Chris utilizes his past experience to assist his clients in navigating the uncertainty in areas such as cyber security, risk management, disaster recovery, and network design and implementation. Clients turn to Chris when they want an expert who has experienced these issues first hand and is familiar with the nuances of each area.

Chris is motivated by building relationships. He will educate you on the topics at hand, while continuing to act as a sounding board. He assists his clients in determining their risks and vulnerabilities and then develops practical recommendations that meet operational goals that align with a client’s budget. Chris will be there from start to finish for whatever his clients may need.