Julie Marvelli

Director of Sales Operations

Sales growth is arguably the most important metric to determine the health of any for profit business.

Most MSPs have some sort of sales machine, but managing sales performance is a huge challenge requiring multiple disparate tools, huge focus and planning, and many hours. Automation of the process is generally missing and as a result MSP growth suffers.

Welcome to Zomentum, a comprehensive and integrated “Managed Sales Performance” solution. ChannelForce organizes, measures, manages sales activities with the goal of creating a predictable sales process that drives growth. MSPs finally can see the results of sales activity, figure out what works and what doesn’t, and optimize around success.

Most MSPs focus all their management effort on delivering customer value; Zomentum gives MSPs the opportunity to intentionally grow their business. Partner with us and learn more about how we can improve the other most important business metric; your bottom line.