Jeremy Nelson

Senior Executive Coach

Jeremy Nelson is a Senior Executive Coach of Sea-Level Operations, LLC. He joined the company in October 2018. Jeremy earned a BA in History with Honors from the University of Rochester. Jeremy was a Surface Warfare Officer onboard CVN-71 during the first Gulf War. He has also held an Unlimited AB and a 50 Ton Merchant Marine Officer license from the US Coast Guard.In 1995 Jeremy founded FCS Inc., a Managed Services Company that he sold in December of 2015. Jeremy is an expert in managing companies and setting up recurring revenue streams. He is all a professional salesperson, having worked for a hardware manufacturer with a territory of 26 Countries and one US State.With over 30 years of experience, Jeremy has worked with all size companies and has experience in all aspects of the IT Industry. Jeremy has been married for 28 years and has three children. Jeremy is a board member of a non-profit and works with start-up companies in the Tampa Bay Area.