Blake Schwank


Blake and his wife Christie founded Colorado Computer Support (CCS) in 2001. CCS is
comprised of an extraordinary team of IT Professionals that enable small and medium-sized businesses to focus on their business functions rather than IT issues.As CEO, he also serves as a CIO (Chief Information Officer) for many of his clients. Their clients represent diverse fields, to include veterinary care, education, manufacturing and many other verticals. Blake has always had a passion for technology. His journey in technology started almost 40 years ago as a teenager when he and his father built a Heathkit 25” console television together. In 1988, Blake received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and was commissioned in the U.S. Army as a Medical Service Corps Officer. He served for eleven years from the Middle East to Alaska in healthcare administration and systems (IT) administration.
When Blake left the Army, he knew he wanted to pursue a career in information
technology. In 1999, he worked as the IT director in a mobile technology software
company. The company he joined rapidly grew from 30 to 150 employees in two years
and eventually folded with only five after the dot-com bust. The downturn allowed Blake
to stay on part-time which gave him the time and opportunity to venture out and work as
an independent IT Consultant. It was during this time that he started Colorado
Computer Support. In the beginning CCS was run by Blake and his wife but they quickly
grew their client base by providing great customer service in addition to superb IT
As with any small business, CCS experienced growing pains. They were providing
reactive, hourly IT services but Blake’s vision was for CCS to become a Managed
Services Provider (MSP) that delivered proactive technology services, keeping a
company’s technology up and running 24 x 7.
Today, after some help from an MSP Marketing and Coaching Service (Ulistic) and
business coaching from Maui Mastermind, CCS has grown into a successful business
with over 35 employees.
Colorado Computer Support has been recognized multiple years from MSPmentor 501,
The Channel Company and the last three years made the INC 5000 fastest-growing
private firms in America list.
According to Blake, The Inc. 5000 and other awards are important:

“To be an award winner, you must keep growing and excel in your industry. To do this,
your clients must trust you. One of the main reasons we've achieved this recognition is
because we act as a trusted IT Partner for our clients. This is part of maturing as an
expert and professional Managed Service Provider. The Inc. 5000 Award is a reflection
of this accomplishment.”
Blake knows that choosing the right vendors is also key to their success and growth.
Today, they represent a chosen few and provide expertise in their solutions. Their
clients appreciate this proficiency and know they’re in good hands and will always have
the expert service they require from Colorado Computer Support.
Outside of work, Blake loves to spend time with his wife and two daughters. He and his
wife golf, scuba dive, and participate in trail races together. They’ve been married for 29
years and still love hanging out together.
For more information about Blake or Colorado Computer Support call 719-238-
1691 or email