Good Morning,

As you know, we’ve built our business around you, our MSP partners. That means Datto’s first priority is making sure we all continue to grow together so you can continue to meet the needs of the small businesses that rely on you each and every day. As part of that mission, I’m honored to tell you about the next chapter in our evolution. And I want you to hear it from me first.

Datto is merging with Autotask, well respected for the tools it builds for your space. They bring capabilities and synergies in a range of new areas i.e. PSA, RMM, Endpoint Backup etc. which gives us a major foothold in IT business management software.

Many of you might already be familiar with Autotask, and many of you might even be part of their MSP network. You know us by now, and we’re no fans of walled gardens. Instead, it’s all about interoperability and you as an MSP picking and choosing what works best for you and your end users. Our goal is to make sure that all the products we make work well with whatever components (ours or others) that you use to run your business and serve your customers.

At Datto we strive to build the world's best products in the areas we serve. I want to win your business by building the best products at the best value. What we have learned is that if we can build great products we can help the MSP industry as a whole whether or not you buy from us or a competitor.

I’m sure you agree, it’s all about being an open system, making available the best of class solutions that can be utilized by the largest set of MSPs and providing you and your customers with the best experience possible. The more you learn, the more we think you’ll be excited about the new combined entity. It’s an incredible team, with global reach, and a shared vision – and overnight it’s going to make us the largest MSP-based tech company in the world growing to 1300 employees and, moreover, serving a combined 13,000 MSPs like yourselves.

This merger is also made possible by an amazing partner, Vista Equity Partners, who acquired Autotask in 2014. As you know, we’ve attracted a lot of interest from people who wanted to help us take Datto to the next level. Some wanted to take us public, others wanted to absorb us.  Instead, we chose to be acquired by one of the world’s top software investors, Vista Equity Partners

They’re the largest player in our space with $30 billion in cumulative capital commitments focused in enterprise software, data and technology sectors with portfolio companies like Marketo, Tibco and many others.

In business, you get to pick your partners, and we’ve chosen Vista and Autotask, who are joining us to form the best and biggest MSP-centric company in the world – which benefits all of us by ensuring that we continue to innovate and iterate to meet the rapidly changing demands of the marketplace.

As you can imagine, a deal of this size takes a lot of ironing out of details, and in the weeks to come we’ll make sure to keep you in the loop and answer whatever questions you may have. Most importantly, I wanted you to know that Datto will remain Datto; and I am the combined company’s CEO; and that the acquisition means we’ll now have even more resources to offer you the kind of exceptional service and products you’ve rightly come to expect.

I’ll be hosting a live webinar on Monday Oct 30th at 10am ET to explain all this in more detail and try to answer some of your questions. You can register for that webinar by clicking here.

My top priority will be making sure we continue to maintain the culture we all built together and that puts our employees and MSP partners first. This is absolutely essential for our future success, for our shared values and I’m looking forward to continue to do my life’s work here at Datto.

As you know, I’m not one for empty platitudes, but this I can say with confidence: The best is yet to come.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send me an email austin@datto .com.