Datto Networking Appliance

Simply, securely, and automatically maintain control of your SaaS data.

DNA is currently in closed beta and will be available January 2017.


Datto Networking Appliance (DNA)

Router / Wifi / Firewall / 4G LTE Failover … in one device

We all know that a network is only useful as long as it has a connection. If your local network goes down, you need a solution that can get your business re-connected and running smoothly. Enter the DNA: Router, Wifi, Firewall and 4G LTE connection in a single, easy to use Internet Service Appliance (ISA).

The first Network Continuity Device built by a business continuity company, DNA lives up to the Datto name by providing a second network to keep your business productive. When the network becomes unavailable, DNA detects the disruption and automatically switches over to the 4G LTE cell network, included right out of the box.

And not just any cellular connection; you’re covered by the strength and reliability of the Verizon network, with no additional contracts to sign or overages to pay. It’s all part of Datto DNA.


Cut the cord on expensive redundant connections

Continuous internet access is required to keep a business online. Yet, the cost of redundant ISP connections is prohibitively expensive for small businesses. The DNA seamlessly adds a redundant 4G LTE cellular network to your local internet to ensure network availability and keeps you working - even when your ISP is down. There are no extra contracts to sign, no secondary bills or overages to worry about. With Datto DNA, it's all included.

And if you have invested in a secondary ISP connection? No problem. DNA can easily detect and connect to it as well; giving you extra layers of protection for your business, with less complexity.

Datto Network Applicance Chasis

Single box and subscription solution

The DNA is a powerful, yet easy to install & manage single device with a web-based console. No other ISA (internet service appliance) in this class can touch DNAs hardware specs. Ongoing ownership is subscription based, with no overage fees for 4G LTE network access. There are no additional licenses to enable network ports or product features - everything is enabled right out of the box.



Intel Atom Rangely C2758, 8-core, 2.4 Ghz

Robust processing power for fast internet access



Debian Jessie 8

Solid, secure OS with customized distribution



8GB DDR3 1600MHz ECC non-buffered

Fast, Error Checking and Correcting Memory



32GB Industrial Grade Compact Flash

Fast infrastructure for OS and Firmware Support



6 x 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet

Supports up to 6 physically-attacted devices of up to 1000Mbps each



Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) MIMO

Supports Speeds up to 450Mbps



4G LTE (Band 13 and 4)

Supports peak download speeds approaching 50Mbps

Built for IT service providers

While routers and firewalls are challenging to manage remotely, DNA can easily be managed from the Cloud. IT service providers and MSPs can monitor their fleet of ISAs at various customer locations from a single portal, and then manage and service any individual DNA remotely from the convenience of an easy-to-use web interface. This decreases downtime and provides a better experience for end-users with immediate troubleshooting instead of needing to schedule a technician to be onsite, while also saving MSPs hours of service time. Ongoing remote monitoring and management, as well as robust reporting, ensure a seamless business continuity solution.

Datto DNA is also a natural complement to Datto’s backup and disaster recovery solutions. When discussing business continuity, backup is one part of the puzzle, but avoiding network downtime is another essential strategy. Ensuring the customer’s network is working means keeping you or your customers in business: taking credit cards in a POS solution, entering orders, or checking inventory during a phone call.

Datto Network Appliance Screenshot

Simple Setup & Customer Support

You don’t need a room full of Network Admins to install and manage Datto DNA. Simple implementation gets you up and running in no time with a minimum of configuration.

Management is easy through a web based console by the end-user or the IT Service Provider / MSP. And remote access to the device for running diagnostics means fewer onsite service calls. It’s just another way Datto makes business continuity easy.

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