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Downtime: The Datto Blog

Locky Ransomware Versus Ryan Lochte: Which Is Worse?

Katie Thornton -

This week, US Olympic Swimmer, Ryan Lochte, and a leading ransomware variant, known as Locky, have been all over international news. In an effort to clear up an

How To Calculate The Total Cost Of BCDR: Factor In Operating Expenses

Chris Brunau -

Recurring cloud storage and compute costs can be the single largest expense over the lifetime of a BCDR implementation.

Why You Shouldn’t Pay Up For Ransomware

Chris Brunau -

Typically when ransomware makes the news, it’s for an organization or company paying up a hefty fee in bitcoin to regain access to their data.

Hope In The Fight Against Ransomware?

Chris Brunau -

Researchers from the University of Florida say they have developed software that can stop ransomware in its tracks, according to BBC News.

How To Use The Google Apps Domain Setup Wizard

Chris Brunau -

If you’re a first-time Google Apps administrator, the smartest thing you can do is use the Google Apps Domain Setup Wizard.

What Can The Delta Outage Teach Us About The State Of The US Power Grid?

Chris Brunau -

We’ve often talked about how costly downtime can be, but Delta Airlines may have just taken the cake

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