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How To Secure Your Google Apps Domain: User Access And Authentication Controls

Chris Brunau -

Perhaps the single biggest reason more IT managers don’t migrate their organizations to Google Apps is a fear that they don’t have the tools at their disposal to make Google Apps secure.

Datto Partner Takes The Fizz Out Of Ransomware

Chris Brunau -

Inca Kola is a wildly popular soda pleasing the taste buds of customers all over the world since 1935. Continental Food and Beverage is the exclusive bottlers for Inca Kola in the United States, bottling the popular soda for over 2,000 points of sale spread across 32 states.

Datto Strengthens Leadership Team With CIO And Customer Experience Officer Appointments

Chris Brunau -

​Datto has announced that Loïc Vienne has joined the executive team as chief information officer (CIO), and Emily Glass, former vice president of customer experience at Datto, has been appointed customer experience officer.

Talk Nerdy To Me: Datto Device Status And Two Factor Authentication

Kevin Williams -

The Partner Portal is the single pane of glass for managing all Datto products. 

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