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Join Datto And Strike Back Against Ransomware

Chris Brunau -

Ransomware is no longer just a worldwide epidemic, it has reached galactic levels. To help the channel strike back, Datto is delivering a webinar featuring ways to give you the upper hand on ransomware.

How AirCon Technologies Restored Operations After The Fort McMurray Fire

Andrew Burton -

Earlier this week, wildfires burned in and around Gatlinburg, Tennessee, forcing residents and tourists to evacuate the area. The fire spread rapidly fueled by strong winds and dry conditions due to the Southeast’s worst drought in nearly a decade.

Ottawa's Carleton University Hit With Ransomware Attack

Urvish Badiani -

Ransomware has reared its ugly head at an Ottawa college. Carleton University was hit with a ransomware attack bringing their IT network to a halt.

How MSPs Can Develop A Sales And Marketing Process

Chris Brunau -

Many IT service providers struggle with sales and marketing. In some cases, that’s because they come from a technical background rather than a business one.

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