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The SaaS Data Protection Platform

Datto Backupify is the leading cloud-to-cloud total data protection platform for software as a service applications. Nearly two million business customers rely on Backupify to protect SaaS data. Users can easily protect Office 365, Google Apps and Salesforce data in the secure Datto Cloud, and restore lost or corrupted objects in seconds through the intuitive admin interface. Automated backups can be created up to three times daily, and additional backups can be created on demand. Restore single files, objects or complete accounts to get back to business in minutes.

Popular SaaS applications such as Office 365, Google Apps and Salesforce still rely on recovery of the data from the recycle bin. This means that once the recycle bin is manually or automatically purged, your data is gone…forever.

Backupify ensures business-critical data is always backed up seamlessly, restored quickly and protected securely, giving companies more authority to manage and own their data. Whether it’s filing financial reports, resolving legal issues or just managing day-to-day operations, gain the peace of mind from knowing that your data is safe, secure and always available in the Datto Cloud.







Why SaaS backup?

As companies increasingly move data into cloud-based applications, many think traditional IT best practices are outdated. After all, SaaS applications are always available, accessible from anywhere and highly redundant. So, why is backup necessary?

Because data in cloud-based applications is vulnerable to:

  • Viruses or ransomware
  • End-user deletion
  • Operational errors such as accidental data overwrite
  • Lost data due to a cancelled account subscription
  • Malicious end-user activity
  • Misbehaving application workflows
  • Hard disk or storage damage

How vulnerable is cloud-based application data? An astonishing one in three companies report losing data stored in cloud-based applications. Gone. Lost. Forever. Clearly, data protection is just as important in the cloud as in traditional on-premises IT systems.

Restore Lost Files

The most common cause of SaaS data loss is accidental deletion. Users make mistakes — whether that’s accidentally deleting records, incorrectly mapping fields, or installing third-party apps that overwrite valuable information. SaaS applications are reliable, easy to access and use, but are not people-proof. Even built-in recovery capabilities for SaaS applications are not sufficient to protect business data. If you need to ensure that your business data is available even when the unthinkable happens, then Backupify is the solution for you.


Employee Lifecycle Management

When employees leave, their data is still an asset. To access their data, SaaS applications require you to maintain a paid license. Why waste money on a license for an employee after they leave your organization? With Backupify, you can archive historical user data based on retention policy, not user license. Moreover, document ownership can be transferred to a new user. Save time and money, and still retain access to all data critical to your business with Backupify.

Service Provider Downtime

When critical apps go down, business stops. This is true even for cloud apps. By having a second, independent copy of your data in Backupify, you’ll be able to access data when you need it most. Your business will continue, even when cloud apps are unavailable.


Recover from ransomware attacks

Ransomware is often thought to be only an on-premises threat, but it does not stop there. No matter how hard you try to prevent it, someone’s PC will get infected with ransomware. If the user syncs files with Google Drive or OneDrive, the ransomware can lock files in the cloud as well. Avoid ransomware with a proper SaaS backup solution such as Backupify and easily restore data to a point in time before your files were encrypted.



Backup on Your Schedule

Backupify automatically backs up your data 3 times a day to the secure Datto Cloud — you can set it and forget it. We also know that sometimes this isn’t enough, which is why you can also create manual backups on demand without interfering with automatic backups. With Backupify, you have more options to manage your backups.


Right Sized Retention

The more backups you take, the more data is stored in the cloud. This is why Backupify offers the freedom to store an unlimited amount of data in the secure Datto Cloud, and retention options of 3 months, 6 months, or indefinitely. Choose the retention option that is right for you, and start protecting business data.


Easy Restore

Quickly identify and recover individual emails, files, objects or entire accounts with their related records intact with our advanced search capabilities and filters. Access any historical snapshot, or versions of all business data, and restore or export with complete accuracy. Backupify allows you to retrieve data in the original format, because the file and label structure is maintained in the backup. Avoid business downtime with Backupify restore process.


Your Data Your Way

SaaS backups often contain data with value beyond the application that generated it. While data can easily be restored to SaaS applications, Backupify also enables data exports in industry standard formats. Users can select individual items, folders, search results, mail, calendars, or contacts to export. With Backupify, you can unlock your data from proprietary SaaS applications, plug it into business processes, and put it to work for you.


Complete Transparency

Backupify’s intuitive dashboard allows you to proactively monitor backups and generate detailed, actionable reports. Maintain an immutable, detailed record of all administrator and user actions and view it from your admin dashboard to see exactly what happened when.


End-to-End Encryption

Every account Backupify protects receives a unique AES 256-bit encryption key to protect data at rest in the Datto Cloud. All data written for the account is encrypted with that key prior to storage, and the key is held by the customer. All authenticated user interactions and all data transmissions with SaaS APIs (e.g. Google Apps, Salesforce) occur over SSL. With Backupify, your business-sensitive information is secure in flight and at rest, meeting security, data privacy and regulatory compliance needs.



Securing your valuable data is a top priority at Backupify, and at the core of our product. Backupify has completed a SOC 2 Type II audit as well as HIPAA Compliance reviews. Backupify undergoes regular penetration testing and daily vulnerability scanning to maintain the security of customer data. We’re continually scanning and testing the app internally, as well as contracting with external firms. Backupify not only helps you backup and recover your data but also helps maintain compliance standards.


Role Based Permissions

Backupify optionally provides 3 different admin roles out of the box. If selected, this allows segregation of duties, providing appropriate privileges for roles defined as Super Admin, General Admin and Helpdesk Admin. Privileges include data download and export, data restore, data retention, access to account activity logs and more. While not required, these role-based privileges give you more granular control over your data based on your requirements, staff and processes.


Datto Support

Datto’s award-winning Technical Support team actively supports our customers 24/7/365. 
Should you experience any issues, our Direct to Tech program is our commitment to connect you directly to an experienced Technical Support Expert who will own your issue until it is resolved.

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Business Value


Easy to Purchase

The Partner SaaS Store allows Datto partners to purchase Backupify services on behalf of their customers from an easy-to-use, online store. Users have the ability to select existing clients or to create new clients in the SaaS store. Simply choose the Backupify solution, number of seats, and relevant pricing tiers and generate a quote! This self service-model eliminates the time associated with calling sales or support, and quickly provides access to Backupify services.


Easy Customer Management

Datto partners typically have multiple clients and each may rely on a variety of SaaS solutions. That is why we have an intuitive and easy-to-use application management dashboard to help you manage your customers and licenses in a single, centralized console. This system also supports automatic invoicing, the ability to authenticate your customers’ services and easy seat management. Billing information is secured and encrypted with Zuora’s cloud technology seamlessly integrated into the SaaS Store. With this user-friendly customer management console and complete invoicing capability we help you to manage your Backupify customers with ease.


Source of Revenue

SaaS is one of the fastest growing industries in technology today. With Backupify, partners can be up and running in minutes. Anchored by Datto’s award winning core technologies, service and support, Backupify SaaS backup can be a new source of monthly recurring revenue.

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Backupify is a fully featured SaaS data protection platform. Backupify allows you to access your data without relying on SaaS vendor infrastructure. It is a completely independent, geographically replicated application. If SaaS services go down, Backupify is still available. You can still access your data using the completely independent interface. Our multiple geographically dispersed data centers ensure access you can access data.

Backupify is built with Datto’s innovative technologies including incremental backups, Backup Insights, and end-to-end encryption.

Backupify Architecture

Generally speaking, SaaS vendors do not publish architectures of their solutions under the assumption that customers are not interested. Unfortunately, this means there are many conversations interested customers cannot have with their vendors because the information is not available. We do things differently at Datto.

We love technology and at our core are technology nerds. We push the envelope, and leverage technology in complex, new and different ways. We also like to celebrate these innovations and share the work we do on your behalf. For this reason, we are sharing the high level Backupify architecture and providing an overview of how it works with the secure Datto Cloud.


SaaS End Points

These are the SaaS applications where business critical data is stored. When we say “full backup of your SaaS application”, we mean it. We leverage the latest published APIs offered by the SaaS applications for backing up data, and backup every component of Google Apps, Office 365 and Salesforce. This includes Google Apps emails, contacts, drive, files, and folders; Office 365 Apps, Exchange, OneDrive and Sharepoint emails, calendars, contacts and files; and Salesforce standard and custom objects, files, attachments and metadata. This means you don’t have to use multiple third-party applications for your major SaaS application backups, Backupify covers it.


Backupify Worker

Aptly named “worker”, this machine sits at the heart of the Backupify architecture and is responsible for orchestrating API calls to gather data from SaaS applications. For example, the worker connects to a customer's Google Apps account over Google's APIs, and downloads customer emails, docs, and more, handing it off to the secure Datto Cloud. In essence, our workers "Do the backups". As of today, there are approximately 750 servers that make up the “Backupify worker” spread across 2 data centers.

Every worker initiated backup is based on incremental changes. As a result, each backup contains only the files or objects that have changed since the previous backup. This makes each backup faster as it reduces the bandwidth required, as well as the number of files or objects processed by the worker. When a restore is performed, data files are reconstructed from the backup chain.


Datto Cloud

The Datto Cloud, is a 250+ PB Tier 3 (ANSI/TIA-942) private cloud that provides easy data retrieval for business continuity and disaster recovery. It is housed in leading co-location facilities compliant with national and international industry standard certifications, including SOC 1 / SSAE16, SOC 2 Type II, and HIPAA. Datto’s infrastructure components are fully fault-tolerant with a guaranteed uptime of 99.982%, with a variety of data redundancy strategies employed to prevent data loss.

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